Cleaning, Maintaining & Restoring Concrete flooring. 

Helping you find permanent solutions.

Residential & Commercial 




Our top priority is your floor. We treat each floor as if it were our own. Highly trained professionals and dependability is what you can come to expect from us. Producing only the best quality floors imaginable. Sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions that last!

We offer many different services, our favorite one is finding a solution for your problems. Whether you just need a good cleaning, polished concrete, decorative staining, concrete repairs, joint filling - we've got you covered! We love to educate everyone we meet so they are fully aware of their options and give them a little knowledge of why polished concrete holds up longer than your normal paints or epoxies. 

Making your floors easier to maintain is one of our specialties. Long term floors require long term maintenance. We try to take away any frustrations coming from your floor. We are one of the only people offering a permanent flooring solution. We are here to be dependable and thorough - bringing you peace of mind.

Deep Cleans for Concrete

Getting your concrete back to clean using the most advanced cleaners  on the market. Our passionate employees  can guarantee that your experience will sparkle - every time. 

All-Inclusive Maintenance Packages 

Ever dreamed of never having to worry about the condition or appearance of your floor? We take away your worry. Every package is made to fit your needs, personalize service on all levels from cleaning to customer service.

Routine Maintenance

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly? Detail-oriented and meticulous, we keep them beautiful year round. Being solution driven we want you to get the best bang for your buck by handling everything at an affordable price.


As knowledgeable experts  we like to find the best solution for the needs of your floor. Experience plays a big part in being able to walk you thru an issue, we have over 20 years in the polished concrete industry to back us up. Just have questions? We are free to talk to! 

Polished Concrete

Looking for a floor that will last? Tired of replacing flooring and spending money over and over. Let us come up with a PERMANENT solution for your floors. One that will save you money and time over and over again.


Making your concrete floor pop and stand out is something we take pride in. Turning boring concrete into works of art that will last - priceless. Staining concrete, saw cuts, or logos - your options are endless!


Transparency for Pricing 

Floor cleanings with specialized cleaners can run around $0.07/ft all the way to $0.80/ft. De-Greasers, pre-treats, densification & sealers & sq-ft all define the price.

All-Inclusive Programs are solely based on needs, size, and traffic. They include cleanings, repairs, re-seals, joint fill/repair, and a yearly deep scrub. These are customized so price varies widely.

Restorations and staining will be around $1-$2.50 depending on the condition of your floors.

Polished Concrete will cost between $3-$7 for residential. Commercial polished concrete can be as low as $1. ***Size, condition, detail work, repairs, removal of previous goo, color, sealers, location - all play a big part in determining how much per square foot.





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